Crafty Bastard Twinsy!


I never got to share who I spend the whole morning with at Crafty, 
so here's an entry just for my crafty little Chinese twinsy!

First we had brunch and talked up a storm over coffee. I also gave her a slouchy hat in return for one of her beautiful totes that I can't wait to get from her {she's studying fashion at UMBC} and is quite crafty herself. Then I got us from Tenleytown to Adams Morgan in 15 mins with Cynthia's crazy driving and my awesome DC skills {Every try navigating through DC? It should be a sport! haha}


Cynthia was great company and I'm glad I got to introduce this Craft
fair newbie to DC's best. Don't be surprised if you see her stuff on
Etsy some time soon. She's super talented and super sweet!

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Em said...

i love the sitting chair shot. its so cute!