I adore my best friend

I haven't seen one of my best friend's in months {though we only live about 30-40 mins apart}, she's knee deep into her nursing program, working hard and studying harder ... and though that means we don't ever get to see each other, I'm a sooo proud of her.

And this weekend I got a lovely little surprise from her,
via my other bff.

Though it was an ordinary weekend, it was like Christmas with all the presents Angie had for me. My best friend Em-em had the presents stuffed away in her trunk then she gave them to me and I swear I was like a little kid opening up a birthday present.

Angie got me 4 books from her work that I've been itching to read {two of which are Jodi Picoult} and when she went to the Philippines for the summer and she was so sweet to get me a lovely little Team Manila tee !!! She mentioned the tee months ago but I forgot about it until I saw it in the bag with the books.

I love my best friend and her random present giving!!!

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