Oldtown, new memories

{A long over due post}

Saturday with the Fambam roaming around some of our favorite places is always a treat. A few Saturdays ago me and my little family went to Oldtown for an early evening stroll. An outing that rarely if ever, happens. Twas an amazing Saturday with the Fam.

We roamed the streets and found some amazing shops.

And as we roamed, beautiful music filled the streets.

Ice cream was a must.
So we ate some down by the water,
as we made shadow puppets on the ground.

We all tried working on our tans ... and we're getting there
{Though this picture really doesn't look like it .. but really we're getting there}

It was quite a romantic night, but clearly big sister wasn't feeling it.

As we began our journey back to our car it was evident that we weren't the only ones out on the town, soaking up the sun, celebrating a beauty Saturday ... everyone was.

Oldtown, oh how we love you.

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Anonymous said...

hello. i've been a follower of your blog. awesome photography i must add. just wondering what camera do you use and what lens.. i'm just shopping around for an SLR and any ideas or feedback are well appreciated.

thank you