Random Acts of Kindness

When's the last time you saw a random act of kindness unfold right before your eyes? Or commit one yourself, sharing kindness to a complete stranger with nothing in it for yourself besides the tingly feeling of goodness?

I must say I can't recall my last act of random kindness, but I can recall an act that unfolded before me. I was at the post office, a visit I make almost every day, standing in a long line of people who've just got off from work, watching the customers next in line. It was a family of five, a fairly young and good looking couple with their three little kids who were getting fairly restless in such a long line. The kids, though restless, were good for their parents and kept as calm and collected as kids their age could get. One of the kids asked her dad why it's taking so long when he said it'd only take a few minutes, so he sat her on his lap and told her it'll only be a few minutes more and that everyone in line is waiting just like them so they had to be patient.

Just as the father finished talking to his daughter, a customer in another line who just finished at the counter walked past the family and took out three little Santa Teddy Bears she'd just purchased while in line. She gave each of the kids a bear and told them "I got something for you three for being so good and so patient. Have a great day!", then walked away.

The kids were delighted, and the parents taken by surprise. The father was speechless for a few moments but when it passed he said "Wow. That was so sweet of that woman. A random act of kindness, you never see that any more. Wow, that was really soo sweet of her!" Everyone was happy, and even if I only saw this random act of kindness from a far, I left the post office with tingly feelings that day. Makes me want to share my own random act of kindness.


sharyl said...

ah yes, random acts of kindness are so rare these days. its a good reminder for us not just to be kind to others but make kindness part of our lifestyle.

sharyl said...

ps: I loooooove your mom's chili!!!