High School Nostalgia

Spending even five minutes with my dearest cousin Ginar takes me four years back in time. A time of teenage angst, Friday night football games, high school drama and crazy fun memories. And with the talk of prom looming in the air for high school kids everywhere I found some of my own prom memories to look back on.

Yup. That's how we rolled. Great times.

I still laugh at the fact that I just had to be the shortest girl with the tallest date. LOL.


The boys who got me through high school, seriously. Every day, no matter what kind of day I'd be having... I knew lunch with these boys always made things a lot more fun.

Middle school & High school + this girl = tooo many great times*. My girl forever!

Easily, still one of the coolest kids I know. Homies for life.

Party people.

Prom was definitely a fun night. But I gotta say there were plenty of fun times all though out high school.

Take for example .. our senior powder puff game.

A two hand touch game turned into straight tackling because of the rain. And of course they put me front and center coz anywhere else I wouldn't be seen. LOL.

We had swagga fohsho!

Or how about Friday night basketball games dancing half time?
With a team of ladies I won't ever forget.

A pretty big team actually.

Or dressed up like blueberries singing in women's ensemble.
I still hate those dresses with a passion.

Usually seated next to two of my favorite altos!

There were always great times with theses ladies right here.

Ok I think that's enough nostalgia for one day. I can't believe high school was four years ago. Everyone's graduating, again.

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