Put A Ring On It

I have a growing infatuation with rings. I love love love rings. I feel naked without them. The one thing most of my rings currently have in common is that they are all gold. "I LIKE GOLD!" like in Austin Powers Gold Member. Ask anyone of my best friends and they'll tell you I'm a "gold" girl. Don't know how that came to be, I loved silver one upon a time, but gold just fits me.

In fairness, I do still have a few silver pieces, but they are all pieces given to me. The last silver piece of jewelry I bought for myself was a ring with two intertwined hearts I got on a trip to NY in high school. Pretty lame, a two heart ring for myself, I know. But that was highschool and I was lonely. LOL. Here are a few rings I was window shopping for on Etsy, not that I deserve to give myself any presents. But a girl can dream.
Out of all the rings I laid my eyes on, this Skinny Ring is by far my favorite. I feel like it's the one piece missing from all my jewelry, the one piece I'd never take off if I had it. It's understated presence is it's beauty. {Note to self: Don't forget about this ring. It will be yours}
Stacked rings are always fun. My sister and my mom both have lovely sets that are actually all attached to each other {like they are tangled}, but I couldn't find any I liked online so stacked rings were my next option. I even asked my mom for her ring one day, it's so pretty and yes it is gold.
When I want to go with something loud I'd go for this Wrap Ring. I have one similar to it, but this is much more lovely. Big rings are so much fun.
There is something about rare or raw diamonds that always intrigues me. What can I say? I'm a girl's girl sometimes and diamonds are always a girl's best friend right {though I own not one}. This Black Diamond is simply amazing.
Call me bias with gold, yes. But I did look around for other types of rings that are not gold. This Wood ring was my fav. How beautiful is that? Ok yes it's lined in gold but that's the part that isn't seen.
Rings = fun, fun, fun!


Michael said...

how come you didn't post a picture of an engagement ring? not sending out those signals?

Irene Carole said...

Haha. Nope. Not today. Nor tomorrow. Someday maybe. Definitely not today. LOL!