december eighteenth

I won't ever forget this day eight years ago.

I can't believe it's been that long since Judy's been gone, though when I recall those memories it still feels like yesterday. I've grown up a lot since then, it's safe to say we all have, but I can still remember being so young and feeling my heart break into a million pieces for one of the first times in my life, when I got the news. It doesn't bring me sadness anymore, because knowing that God's plans were and {still are} perfect I am comforted knowing Judy is right where she's suppose to be, right by His side beautiful and perfect Praising Him as she did among us.

I know we were all just kids, but every single friendship I've had or made ever since, has been build around the lessons of friendship loving and loosing Judy has taught me.

Some of those lessons I've learned are that friendship {though stronger through the passing of time} is not measured by how long you've know a person, nor the exchanging of words, nor distance, but the ability to change someones life with your love and allowing them to change yours. Judy also reminded me that our time here on earth is fleeting, like a vapor in the wind, so make ever second really count not for yourself but for Christ, and cherish your loved once now and cherish them well. Judy also taught me that be the best version of you today, now, for God and for those you love because they deserve the best from you without delay. Be the best friend you are able to be even when it's hard, and also be the best servant you know how to be while you are still able to.

I remember my life changing eight years ago, even if I was only a kid, but God knew that .. He had plans to change all of our lives, and through it all His love has never left us but has seen us through, as well as hold and strengthen us.

We miss you Judy, but thank you for being apart of my life,
our lives and for changing our lives with yours.

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