As me and my Brother walked the streets of his lovely Brooklyn neighborhood I saw this sign hanging from a far. I know a good design when I see one, and even from a far I immediately took to it and knew I had to take a peak inside.

Ask Enrique ... I was super excited to get in there ... drum roll please!!!


And what is this hanging in the corner I see???

Are those... Are those skinnylaminx tea towels??? OH YES IT IS!!!! Those in the back looking like Orla .. yes .. those!!!!

Oh my oh my, fancy meeting you here. I knew you looked familiar and yes we have met before.
I've hearted skinnylaminx's Etsy shop forever! 
See why? Another lovely from her Etsy shop. And oh what joy it is to see other Etsian's work out in the real world looking lovelier than ever!!! I think it's about time I get some of skinnylaminx of my own! Ok now back to Abitare.

Everything in that shop was lovely ... and honestly I could see this whole setting in the middle of my dinning room one day. What an amazing space.

To my disappointment I left with nothing, but wanted to take everything ... but I knew I'd have to control myself because I had only a few hours left in Brooklyn and only so much space in my bag left. And since the stuff I really wanted is on Etsy I will go ahead and get some there.. but I'll definitely be back and visit Abitare again, because this shop is to amazing for words!!!

I love love love Abitare!!!
Brooklyn, you're amazing.

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