In a New York Minute

In China Town, DC I found my way to my bus stop.

I made sure I was headed in the right direction.

Then I bravely boarded the bus all by my lonesome,
with the company of a bus load of strangers.

Then we set off.

About and hour of so later we were in Baltimore, and though I talked with my seat mate for most of the ride I did peak out the window and realized there's much of Baltimore I'd like to see.

We passed many frozen lakes, rivers, and ponds, from them all this was my favorite.

After having made a new friend on the bus ride up there, We finally arrived at {Penn Station} greeted by the hustle and bustle around Madison Square Garden.

And of course you know when you're in New York when it feels necessary to wear sunglasses even at night because of the bright lights and over sized advertising. 

When I finally got in the city I knew I had made plans to meet Enrique in Borders, but we have Borders at home. So I decided to seized the day and the opportunity and walked myself two blocks East and found myself at a little New York coffee shop called Andrew's.

I found myself a seat.

And grabbed myself a cup of coffee

And waited for a familiar face to walk in, in a city filled with a million different strangers.

Finally a long awaited reunion with my Enrique!!! The last time I saw him was when he cooked my family dinner right before he moved up to NY for school. It was quite the reunion with jumping around, squealing and excitement for days!! After I finished up my cup of coffee we set out for some food, and I had to introduce Enrique to my favorite legit, New York Pizza Place.
And as cliche as it may sound we had to go to Time Square to get there, it's a block or two away from all the chaos ... a tiny little place hidden like a diamond in the rough. So we took to the subway...


Time Square was bumping even under ground

 Then we headed right to our yummy dinner!

Ray's Pizza yo! Though for the longest time I was convinced that it was called Victor's ... I know it was there!

We picked our slices and took our seats.

And yes we got 2 slices each.

Then after we were stuffed, we walked back into the chaos.

We stole ourselves a shot,

Then headed on our ways again.

Even late at night the subway is alive with music and people.

But in the trains themselves, it's a fairly quite scene.

Then we headed to Brooklyn.

Then we finally arrived in Enrique's awesome neighborhood.
Brooklyn's a place all it's own and there are so many wonderful finds and so much awesome food I much blog it in an entry all its own. More to come... I can't believe I shot all this in one night and one day.


krissamartinez said...

ica!! cute sweater! :) i love it!

and aww, the bus ride..penn station. i miss it all.

but i miss you most of all!

riniandfaith said...

aww krissa! i miss you too!!! and yeah i got my sweater from this super cute girl from california! hehehe love you!