My Brother in Brooklyn

I'm still not sure where to begin this entry or if I'll ever be done with it because I've got a million and one things to say. But I guess I can start by saying, I have a brother, and he lives in Brooklyn. {It's taken me a week to find the words for this entry, Sorry for the delay}

I didn't use to always have a brother, but some how God turned a seemingly normal high school friendship into so much more after graduation ... friendship turned into family. So that's why now I have a brother. And now that brother of mine .. is pursuing an acting career in NYC and lives in beautiful Brooklyn Heights. If you knew this guy before New York, or even before acting, you'd know that, "that Enrique" is a totally different person from the one who lives in NY now. "This Enrique" has totally grown up and found what he loves and is great at, yet still has the same big ole heart as he 's always had ... just maybe a lot less sports.

This is how he looked when I first arrived!!! OMG right?? hahha. Good looks and awesome style run in the family ... bwaahah KIDDING! But really doesn't he look great?

Showing me how their subway works .. hahah {Actors ... LOL!}

And me showing Enrique the best pizza in town! hehe He LOVED IT!

Maybe it's me, or maybe I've just forgotten because it's been so long since we've hung out ... but this guy {I'm so proud to say} is truly a gentleman's gentlemen. Besides showing me around his side of the city, and taking me to the places I wanted to go in subfreezing temperatures, as well as feeding me THE BEST Brooklyn has to offer, Enrique's chivalry can put most guys to shame. I'm so proud to call him my brother, and though it's still a wonder why he doesn't have a girlfriend ... we both know that there aren't many girls deserving of him. HAHA.

Chivalry in action. Besides having his own 2 bags to carry around town from his classes ... his first order of business was to not only give me a huge hug, but knowing Enrique, he took my big PINK {semi heavy} weekend bag carried it around for me the whole time ... without having been asked as we ventured around town. How amazing is my brother?

This was the second day and even as I started accummulating more stuff as we shopped he was still the biggest gentlemen ever!!!

I joke around, but really this guy has the heart the size of a football field or two. I have much to learn from Enrique, like how to be such a great friend, or great encouragement, as well as a continuously hungry Christian. Enrique hasn't been a Christian for the longest time, but he is always eager to learn and grow and see God in all the little things that make up our lives.

Ok ... gotta cut this off short but I did have so much more to say {more than I've said already}.

Enrique and I on the Brooklyn Bridge {possibly the 2 most stupid people in all of NY that night .. it was freezing!} But it was totally worth it!

I love Brooklyn Heights, but I love my brother so much more!! He's made me sooo proud in all that he's done and accomplish and I'm so blessed by his life and friendship! Love you Brother!! Watch out .. you might just see his pretty face on a movie screen one day!!!

***These few photos are from my weekend with him in Brooklyn ... I'll post more soon, I promise!!***

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