Beautiful Brooklyn

One of the first things I noticed in Brooklyn while walking to Enrique's Dorm was the beautiful street names.
Lovely huh?

After we dropped off my stuff and picked up a cup of coffee, we headed straight to the Promenade. It was bitter cold but totally worth it!

Then we walked around ...

And found ourselves at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Of course we the probably the 2 dumbest people in all of New York that night ... dumb enough to walk the bridge in sub-freezing temperatures and all.

But it was truly great fun ... just not on my thighs. They froze over apparently, but not the rest of my body. HAHAH. Strange huh?

That night we had little sleep, staying up talking about God's goodness, about acting and art and even watched Enrique's monologue on tape. And man he's soo good! I can see God's blessed him with amazing talent and it was awesome to see for myself!
In the morning we had the most delightful breakfast at Tazza. I'm so jealous Enrique has this cafe right in front of his apartment, because I'd definitely be there every morning. We had the greatest bowl of granola and fresh fruit with yogurt to top it off. YUMMO!

Did i mention they have some amazing Chai and their coffee is delightful too?

After breakfast, we strolled the streets of Brooklyn looking for places to shoot and pictures to capture.

Everything is so lovely in his neighborhood.

There are no words for this picture. LOL.

  Besides picture taking we did some amazing thrifting! Enrique neighborhood has some of the best thrift stores I've ever been to!!! I was in heaven!

Colorful Brooklyn

By the time we were done with pictures, shopping and hungry we went to SPICY PICKLE! Where I had THE BEST SUB EVER!!! {I kid you not}

My sub was called "The Yard Bird" and yes those are pieces of fresh apple in my sub! It was a party in my mouth and probably the most exciting flavors all together!!! I'm hungry for one right now!!! I'm so excited they is one only a few minutes from here, but I still haven't gone .. but soon, very soon.
{The Yard Bird: Roasted chicken, bacon, fresh apples, spinach, bleu cheese crumbles and honey mustard}

Did I mention it was cold. And 28 was probably the warmed it got all day.
But it was beautiful none the less.

And right before leaving, once again me and Enrique decided to be the dumbest people in all of NY and had ourselves frozen yogurt as it was subfreezing outside. HAHAHAH!! Only the two of us would be dumb enough to do that. But man was it GOOD! Pomegranate fozen yogurt with walnuts, blueberries, and sprinkles= AMAZING!

What a trip. I definitely need to do that again, when it's atleast 10 degrees warmer. I think it's safe to say, Brooklyn is now my favorite place in all of NY ... and there's still so much I want to see of it.

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