I love love love AHAPPYENDING!!!

It's an absolute joy making new friends on Etsy, friends who craft and get creative too. It's also a great joy to make trades with these fellow Etsians. One of my most recent trades was for a painting on a deep canvas from ahappyending. And man do I love ahappyending.

Here is my "Dreamer of Dreams" print from Nichole, of ahappyending which I've placed in my window sill that sits above my headboard and couldn't have picked a lovelier place. It's sitting next to my broken alarm clock, that's sits next to a photo of my dad, that's next to a hanging bouquet of old roses {something I always do with my roses though I rarely get any}. And if you're wondering why theres a pillow in my window sill behind all this stuff, it's actually a draft pillow I made to help keep the winter chill out.

I love this print oh soo much and it's my first ever but I hope to have a large collection of painted prints one day. I picked this print because I have many dreams and aspirations and little by little God is gracious enough to allow my dreams to slowly become reality .. but as I continue to grow so do my dreams. Yet as ironic as this may sound, I rarely have dreams {scientifically I know I do, but I can never can recall a single one} ... I guess my vivid imagination and limitless aspirations make up for that.

Anyways .. on the other end of this awesome trade, Nichole got some Rini & Faith loving and man is Rini & Faith loving her! Nichole is not only super sweet and super talented, {little.miss.photographer is her blog} but she is as cute as a button!!

You make me want to chop all my hair off Nichole and be a rock star like you!!!
Thanks so much for the trade and for the pictures you're awesome and
I love love love ahappyending!!!
Have ahappyending of your own!

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