Lets get together

A while ago we had some old friends from NJ
come spend a day with my family and friends.

The weather was lovely, and so were the girls! I love Em-em's god daughters!

While waiting for the guest to arrive, me
and Ginar rolled around in the grass for awhile.

Soon Em-em and our guests {Tito Pat & Tita Lita's family}
for the day arrived after spending the day in DC.

When the house was finally full dinner was served.

Years ago me and my best friend were Tita Lita & Tito Pat's Jr. Bridesmaids and my cousin was their flowergirl ... my how've we grown up since then ... but as always Tita Lita's still her tiny little self. hehe.

My how the house was soo noisy. Fun times.

I can't believe how big their kids are, when I was their age
... me and Em were always goofing around with their dad.

Family get togethers are always good fun!

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