Share the Love

I was on a mission to share some love on Thursday to a little girly who needed some.

And of course it was the most yummy box of love ever!

I couldn't do it without Tim's help ... well actually he asked me to be the surprise, and my surprise was the Cakelove, so we headed to College Park on our mission to share some love.

Tim's school is so big .. I feel even smaller than I already am when I'm there.

Then .. SURPRISE!!! I finally got to share some Love with Aimee!!!

And we chatted up a storm while we were there.

Later we went to Tim's sister's dorm across campus to grab dinner with her.

I made it on to her wall!! YAY!

Abs was all to cute with her new hair cut!

After dinner our last stop was Tim's new apartment.
{Farewell Chateau!}


Tim lives on the 9th Floor at the end of the hall.

And upon entering .. This is what greeted me!!! Hahah

Tim's apartment is so spacious, it not only fits him and his
3 roommates comfortably, but Superman lives there too!

From Tim's room there is a door to their also spacious balcony, where
we spent the rest of our time watching the sky turn from pink, to blue then to black.

What a wonderful September day with Tim.

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