"I'd Hit that" list

Crafty Bastards

Here's the list of booths I must "hit" tomorrow!

1. Craftzine ... My go-to crafty mag. and free button making all day
2. My Paper Crane I always look at their site, and see their work in craft books.
3. MY FAVORITE MIRROR! love them, {here's my favorite mirror}
4. The Small Object ... found their stuff in SC
5.BarBar Press ... love their products and Etsy shop.
6. Art Whino had their amazing stuff up at Art-o-matic
7. Mogo ...I've been eyeing them on the vendors list, can't wait to check them out
8. Sewing stars = cuteness for days!
9. Squid Fire looks like fun ... great tees

And that's about it. It's an uneven number, I know,
but those are my must see for tomorrow.

I can't wait to be one Crafty Bastard!

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