Rainy Workshop Saturday

Last wednesday I was invited by a few friends to go to a free dance class at UMBC with Major Definition and Boogie Bot's own Magic Mike. But I didn't go.

Instead my friend Faz woke me up at the break of day {7:20 in the morning} on a rainy saturday morning to take me to a 3 session dance workshop with Major Definition. I was still asleep when he was at my house, and I didn't fully wake up till half way through the first session.

I saw a few familiar faces ... like Tim's 
"ex-roommate" who was my body guard for the day.


and I finally got to see my chinese twin again!!!! We even matched. 


I had a great time, and because it's been forever and a day since I last danced I didn't do so great .. but oh well .. it was fun just to go, and fun hanging out. I did two classes, and then the third I sat out so I could talk up a storm with my chinese twin Cynthia. I wish I could share the choreo from all 3 sessions, but here's a {pretty bad quality} video from my phone of the 3rd session I sat out for. They killed it. 

Choreography by Jake Naldo at UMBC "Anti-Matter" by N.E.R.D.

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