Rini & Faith CONTEST!!!

Hello everybody! It's Fall!! And It's about that time of the year where we bring out the costumes and the candy. We at Rini & Faith have a pretty sweet idea but need your help, and if you help us out you could win two free Rini & Faith hats!!!! Now presenting the ...


Here's how it works: For only one week {Sep 29-Oct5} We need YOU to submit to us your best idea for a pair of hats. In Tagalog Halo-Halo translates into "mix-mix" so we need you to give us your best idea of a mix of two characters, or animals or something like that, so we can turn them into hats.

{For example: Cat & Mouse, Apples & Oranges, etc...}

Now it's your turn!! Get creative and share with us why your idea works. Also do keep in mind that these are ideas we want to be able to construct by hand so don't get to fancy. You're time is limited and the earlier you submit your ideas the better. We can't wait to see what creative ideas you have in mind!!

Here's how you win: Submit your ideas as a comment on the Rini & Faith blog or Convo us via our Etsy shop. And Tuesday morning {Oct7} we will announce the winner on the Rini & Faith blog.

The Winner will receive a free pair of hats constructed from their winning idea, and their hats will also be listed in the Rini & Faith Etsy shop till Oct 31 for others to purchase and wear as well. Knock us out!

Ready, Set, GO!
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